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Dan ‘Wolfman’ Skorcz receives Lifetime Compost Award

Former SCMM President Dan “Wolfman” Skorcz was honored with the club’s first-ever Lifetime Compost Award in recognition for his efforts in organizing last year’s Southwest MINI Fest, creating the Wolf’s Lair, and generally promoting motoring fun.

The award was presented to Skorcz by current club President Michael Garcia in the Wolf’s Lair during this year’s Devil’s Backbone Run in Mammoth Lakes. The “Wolf’s Lair” is the name given to the location of where club members gather to socialize after a day of motoring. That usually being Dan’s hotel room, or close proximity to his room.

“I was both humbled and honored by the presentation of the Lifetime Compost Award and the thought conveyed on its plaque,” said Skorcz, who flew in from Massachusetts to attend the Devil’s Backbone Run. “It was great to see so many of my old MINI friends this past weekend in California. I had a really great time. I just want to thank you all, and I’ll see you all again soon I hope.”

The Compost Award is given annually to a member for their contributions to the club. The late Lowell Dickson is credited with the idea of creating an annual award and it was Dickson who presented the first Compost Award to Eric Johnson in 2010 for his contributions to the Devil’s Backbone Run.