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    Craig Berkwitz

    What: All MIni Car Show
    When: Saturday, July 6
    Where: Miniature Engineering Craftsman Museum
    3190 Lionshead Ave

    We are bringing  back the car show. It will be held on Saturday, July 6, at the Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum 3190 Lionshead Ave, Carlsbad, CA. 92081. The cost is fifteen dollars a car. We are limited to fifty cars, so register early.

    Time: Show cars arrive 9 am, show starts at 10 am. Non show cars will have limited parking, but can park in adjacent parking lots. Awards will be presented at 12 noon.

    Facilities: there are bathrooms at the Museum, but no food. We are working to have a food truck or vendor available. There will be coffee, water, and donuts in the morning, for free. However, you can always bring a picnic, or head out to a local restaurant after the awards.

    Awards: an impartial two judge panel will choose the winners from multiple categories. The classes will be based on the types of cars entered. We will divide the cars into most similar types. There will also be one popular vote for BEST BMW MINI and one for BEST CLASSIC MINI, which everyone will vote on.

    The Miniature Engineering Craftsmanship Museum is an incredible museum, full of miniature models, working engines, and displays. You will want to spend at least an hour going through it. They will take a group of people through the machine shop, several times that day, and the tour is highly recommended. A small donation is not required, but is appreciated, as the Museum is run by volunteers.

    Using the link above, please sign up in advance if you want to show a car. We are limited to 50 show car spots. SCMM members get to sign up first. On June 15th, if all 50 spots aren’t spoken for, the show will open to non SCMM members. Registration will CLOSE ON JULY 1st to give us time to make up the classes and packets!

    After signing up using the link, you will receive a confirmation email in a day or two. When you arrive on the morning of the event, you will pay $15 cash and pick up your packet.

    Questions about the show can be directed to Joanie Berkwitz at or text to 760-845-4091.


    Use the following link to register: registration link: )

    Nancy Homer

    Just signed up 2 cars

    Richard Rubio

    Tarri and I will be staying in Carlsbad starting on July 4th. What date is this event?


    ps I tried to email Joanie but email bounced back.

    George Marsh

    Hi Richard,

    The car show is Saturday, July 6th.  I’m updating this post now. Thanks!

    Craig De Garmo

    Couldn’t make it to the show.  Down for awhile with a case of viral pneumonia.  Who won the classes?

    Craig De Garmo

    Turns out that Kaiser misdiagnosed viral pneumonia.  The real problem is congestive heart failure causing pulmonary edema causing  shortness of breath with any exertion and fluid in the legs as well.

    I was in Kaiser Riverside for 3 days  until they figured this out and have been home ever since.  I hope I will be better by the Solvang trip in Nonmember. but if not I will give up my room reservation.

    My recovery is going slowly – one of my business partners has been helping me at home a l

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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