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    George Marsh

    Paso Robles Run – June 5-7, 2020
    Field of Light at Sensorio is closed until June 12

    COVID-19 UPDATE – May 20 — San Luis Obispo County has lifted some restrictions. Restaurants may now reopen for dine-in service, with social distancing for customers.


    Join us for a weekend like no other in Paso Robles and experience the amazing art installation known as Field of Light at Sensorio. Created by artist Bruce Munro, the exhibit is made up of nearly 60,000 stemmed spheres lit by fiber-optics. A pathway loops through the 15-acre display, providing a variety of vantage points and perspectives.

    Tickets must be purchased in advance (CLICK HERE) for Field of Light at Sensorio!
    General Admission is $30 per adult. You will want to purchase tickets for the
    8 p.m. admission time on Saturday, June 6. Sunset on June 6, will be at 8:02 p.m., that is the best time to see the lights. Once you enter the show, you can stay as long as like (until closing).

    Melody Ranch Motel
    939 Spring Street
    Paso Robles
    Tel. 805-238-3911
    Room Code: SCMM

    Tentative Itinerary
    Friday, June 5
    Caravan from Denny’s in Sylmar
    We’ll take I-5 north to Highway 58 for a twisty run across the Carrizo Plain and arriving in Paso Robles in time for lunch.

    Saturday, June 6
    Plenty of options today. Wine tasting, kayaking in Morro Bay, run up Highway 1, Hearst Castle, etc. After dinner it’s time to head over to the Field of Light at Sensorio for the feature activity. The venue is just a short 10-minute drive from the Melody Ranch.

    Sunday, June 7
    Drive home at your leisure today

    Please note: This could be a one-night event for any folks who can’t get off from work on Friday. Drive up on Saturday and join us at the show that evening.

    Craig & Cecilia Williams
    Memo & Minnie Santoyo
    George & Kyra Marsh
    Kurt Bradley
    Eric Johnson
    Tom & Renee Rietta
    Lisa Morris
    Mark Lefko
    Paulette Oden
    Jim & Mary Wellington
    Michael Garcia
    Rich & Diana Larson

    Craig Williams

    All signed up at hotel and Field of Light show.  Thanks for setting this up George!


    Rooms are $110 + tax


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    Jan VanGreuningen

    Lisa & Jan VanGreuningen want to go!!

    Kurt Bradley

    Zorro  is booked to see the Light(s)!

    Mark Lefko

    Mark Lefko is booked in to go…

    • Can’t make it. May have two tickets available

    Rich and I are booked at the Melody Ranch from Friday to Sunday.  The event we were supposed to go to on Saturday night was cancelled.  We don’t have tickets for the Field of Lights, but we just want to go up and hang out with our friends.  Looking forward to a weekend away from home and some small part of normal life.


    Booked for this. Realized I’m not on the list.

    Hope it’s a “go.”


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