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    Craig Williams

    April 28th 2018 Drive and Lunch


    Weather and Road Conditions Permitting we will have a fun day which will start at Frazier Park at 9:00am.  Meet at Flying J Truckstop at 0900.

    Join us for some great twisties and vistas on the Rodnoc Run.

    Part of drive takes us through The Sespe Condor Sanctuary northeastern Ventura County, within the Sespe Wilderness in the southern Los Padres National Forest.

    Twisty roads await us, 3 1\2 to 4 hours of driving!  Woohoo!

    We will end run in Santa Paula (Garman’s Pub) for lunch.

    If you are going to join us please post for we do need to let restaurants know how many will be attending.



    Craig W.
    Mike G.
    Mike Mc.
    Mike P.
    Scott McIntyre
    Tom & Renee



    Looking forward to this — I’ll be there!


    Michael G



    This run is next weekend. If you are going to join us please post — We need to let the restaurant know how many will be attending.

    Mike McKinley

    Mike & Mike will be there.

    Mike Pinson

    SilverFox is going to be there, with her new engine and outher new mods. By the way any one that can’t do 180MPH beter start 2 hour early.

    Mike & Mike & Mike will be there.


    Folks, don’t let Silverfox’s optimism for his rebuilt MINI scare you away, this run is for cruisers as well as those who may want to push their cars a bit.

    BTW, no entry fee on this run — no MotorSport.reg to worry about.

    Time permitting, we may squeeze in a stop at Santa Barbara Pistacio Co.


    Tom and Renee are attending


    Craig Williams

    See you all at 9am tomorrow at Frazier Park for the RODNOC run! Map and directions provided at start! Bring your 2-way radios and your appetite for some great roads! There will be ‘A’ and ‘B’ groups so everyone can feel comfortable with the pace and not get lost. Stops at the pistachio farm, Ojai and late lunch in Santa Paula. Join us!

    Craig Williams

    Craig (Williams) will be there also!

    Mike Pinson

    I was just joking, SilverFox only has 3 rats and 1 mouse under the bonnet. And that was 18.0 mph. No, were all going to have fun, Fun, and more FUN.

    Mike Pinson

    If anyone runs Union 76 gas, there is one where the Flying J is.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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