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    We ate at the Buckeye Roadhouse at last year’s SF run with Ellen & Casey.  The food is excellent!!!

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    Dan Skorcz

    The Wolfman is ready for a drive to the Bay Area……see you all at the lair in Santa Cruz and Corte Madera

    Richard Rubio

    Looking forward to seeing you later in the day..

    George Marsh

    Thank you all for attending the Babylon Run! We had a great time. Kudos to Tom & Patti McMurry for leading us on the most spectacular road(s) in Marin County. The Beach Blanket Babylon show was a smash hit too. That’s a must-see for anyone visiting San Francisco. I will have a blog story and photos uploaded a bit later.


    What a great trip! Beautiful city and countryside, the best weather, excellent food, wonderful entertainment, and outstanding company. Thanks to all who came!


    Well, Michael has pretty much covered the last 3 days well.  Just take me back to last Thursday afternoon driving into Santa Cruz and let me do it again one more time.  What an incredible day it was.  Sunset, great Wolf’s Lair, dinner, camaraderie, Kelly’s Bakery, Denden getting on the wrong road, Hwy 1 to Golden Gate Park, etc.. The whole weekend was spectacular, Friday’s runs, Saturday’s Ferry Ride, Lunch in SF, pizza at Café Zoetrope and the finale of Beach Blanket Babylon at 6 PM front orchestra seats really could not have been better.  I have seen BBB over 30 times and this last performance was the best I have ever seen, without question and the audience went wild at the end and loved it.

    Will get working on plans for 2019, with slightly different routes.  Jorge definitely needs more work!


    Shadow Out

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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