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Members celebrate the season at annual holiday party

Dec. 3, 2017 — “What’d ya get, what’d ya get?,” was the chant heard as gifts from under the Christmas tree were opened during SCMM’s annual holiday party, hosted by Scott McIntyre, at Motoring Magic in Thousand Oaks.

More than 50 MINI Maniacs turned out for the festivities, some in (not that) “ugly” Christmas sweaters and holiday themed attire. June Medved received the top prize for the “ugliest” sweater while Frank Urenda and Sandy Reaume were runner ups.

Guests enjoyed a buffet lunch from StoneFire Grill and homemade desserts baked by members.

The main event was the “white elephant” gift exchange. The rules are simple — if you bring a gift, you go home with a gift. Numbers are drawn (we used a deck of playing cards for this) to determine the order in which people get to chose a gift from under the tree, or steal a previously opened one. Once an opened gift has been stolen twice, it becomes off-limits for the remainder of the game. The gifts must be wrapped and the suggested value was $20. For more than an hour the wrapping came off gifts, from booze to car care products and anything in between. When it was all done and the stealing was over, it was time to wish everyone a happy holiday season and say goodbye until the next event, for many that will be Santa Anita on January 20th.

Thank you to Scott McIntyre for hosting another holiday party, and to everyone that attended!

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  1. Our Annual Holiday Party was truly a BLAST! 🎉🎄🎅 Thank you to ALL who gave of their time to make it so memorable 😘

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