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Frank Vargas

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Tell us more about you and your car...

We are a Married couple in our mid 40’s with (2) children.

Very down to earth professionals that love to drive to unwind.

My wife and I are fairly new converts to the MINI scene.

We were a die hard Toyota family until I got my first 2016 Clubman (base), that was soon followed by my wife trading in her Highlander for a 2014 Countryman S. I then found myself envious of here S power and so I traded in my 2016 Clubman base for a Clubman S.

With (2) Minis in the house we found ourselves pumped for MTTS 2018, we jumped in @ Pasadena thru Keystone. The experience was incredible. I had the pleasure of meeting a few SCMM during MTTS 2018. Since we have been back I have had every intention of applying to join but with kids and work you know how that goes. I am now as eager as ever as many our MMTS friend have reached out about

I am very much hoping to make my membership live in anticipation of joining you all for the rally to Pismo.