Aaron Croft

  • Hey, fellow Miniacs!

    My name is Aaron and I’m headed down to Mini Fest tomorrow (Friday 5/11/18) morning from the LA area.  Would love to convoy with people and meet some new friends to roll with.  I drive an F55S so I can haul a couple people down if they can’t find a ride.

    I don’t know if this is really the correct place for this post, but I…[Read more]

  • @lobmini Hey, Eric. Same question as I posted to Tom. If you’re going to MiniFest this weekend, let me know. I’m leaving from LA area on Friday and would like to get a group going together.

    Let me know, please. 909-498-6736

  • @tom-3 Hey, Tom. Are you headed to MiniFest this weekend? If so, I’m leaving from LA area on Friday and looking for Minis that want to roll together. Anyone you know going then?

    Let me know, please. 909-498-6736

  • Hey everyone.  I am not able to make the Thursday events.  SO, I’ll be headed down on Friday morning early early to meet up at the Crown Plaza Hotel to join up with the rest of the folk there for the twisty drive.

    I’m headed from the LA area, so anyone local is invited and encouraged to convoy with me.  It’ll be more fun than blasting down the fr…[Read more]

  • Looks like the post I just sent is public, so awesome.

    I’m looking for fellow drivers from LA/OC/Anaheim/Riverside/IE blah blah blah that would like to convoy with me to MiniFest on FRIDAY the 11th. I can’t make the Thursday date, but will be there for the rest of the weekend.

    Anyone that would like to meet up in the early, grab a breakfast…[Read more]

  • @admin Hey! Can you please help me post a message to the Forums? I can’t find a link or anything to create a post.

    I’d like to see if there are any drivers headed to MiniFest this weekend on Friday, as I can’t make the Thursday date.

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