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Mueller-Korenek sets new land speed record, on a bicycle!

In 2016, SCMM member Denise Mueller pedaled a bicycle on the Bonneville Salt Flats to an unimaginable 147.7 mph, and set the woman’s paced bicycle land speed record. This year the 45-year-old mother of three returned to Bonneville with a new pace car, a husband (now Mueller-Korenek), and sights on breaking the men’s record of 166.9 mph.

Pedaling her specially built bicycle just inches behind a type of dragster pace car, driven by pro race car driver Shea Holbrook, Mueller-Korenek shattered the men’s record on September 16, with an astonishing 183.9 mph run.

News of the record-breaking feat is quickly spreading around the globe and has launched Mueller-Korenek into celebrity status. Check out these news links to learn how this amazing athlete and her team did it:

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