Navigating the new SCMM website

Welcome to the new SCMM website. It’s been months in the making, but it’s finally arrived. We’re calling this the “soft launch” of the website because we know there could be some things that may need tweaking here and there. So look around, explore, and become familiar the workings of the new site. Be sure to update your profile and change your password.

If you discover any issues or glitches, please post a comment and describe the issue, or you can email your comment to:

A common complaint in the past was the difficulty in finding details for upcoming events. We’ve made finding event details much easier. There is a button on the Home Page that says Events. Click on that and you’ll go directly to the Event Calendar. You can view Events in a traditional calendar format, or in a List format.

In the Calendar view there will be a blue checkmark on any date an event is scheduled. Hover your mouse over the checkmark to read a brief description of the event. Click on the checkmark to see the full details, including a Google map (if applicable). You can also ad the event to your own calendar.

In the List view, you’ll see all the upcoming events in list form, in chronological order.

Another new feature on the site is the Blog. This is where you’ll find the latest club news and articles of general interest to MINI enthusiasts. Feel free to post comments to any blog entry. The blog is moderated, so comments will be reviewed before going live.

The Forum operates much like any internet forum. Members can create topics and post comments to topic threads. We’ve started a few topics already, and as time goes on, more and more topics will continue to be added. If you start a new topic, please be sure you’re creating your topic in the appropriate Forum.

There are two Social Media links in Home Page footer. One is a link to our Facebook Group Page, and the other is our new Instagram page – photos4scmm. Photos posted on Instagram will highlight SCMM activities and other MINI related subject matter. If you have a photo(s) that you would to add to the Instagram, please email them along with a photo caption and name of photographer,  to:

Thank you all for your patience. We know you’ve waited a long time for a new website.

5 thoughts on “Navigating the new SCMM website

  1. Just logged into the new website, looking fabulous. Only issue I had was having to reset my password, but after it was reset, it’s working great now. With this new website, I will definitely be logging in much more often than I used to to check up on things and see how the club is doing.

  2. 🖥 The new website looks and works GREAT‼️👍🏼 👏🏼😀

  3. Thanks for the feedback. It’s much appreciated. We have discovered a couple bugs since the launch and we are making those fixes this week.

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