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SCMM members celebrate club’s 15th Anniversary

ARCADIA, CA (Jan. 20, 2018) – SCMM members celebrated the club’s 15th anniversary today with a party at Santa Anita Park, the “horse race place.” Today’s event also ushered in a new slate of club officers that will serve for the next two years.

Outgoing President Dan Skorcz welcomed the new officers — President Michael Garcia, Vice President Memo Santoyo, Treasurer Nancy Homer, and Events Director Craig Williams.

Also recognized at the event was Shelby Blecker. Jim Wellington presented Blecker with the 2017 Belcher Cup trophy, awarded to the top driver in the Belcher Cup series, a club sponsored go-kart racing competition.

Seven ladies took part in the “fancy hat” contest, all sporting a Kentucky Derby fashion statement. The winning hat, worn by Storme Alley, was a magnificent floral design adorned with an official MINI emblem. She took home a new scarf for her winning effort.

The Compost Award for 2018 was presented to George Marsh. The annual award dates back to 2010, when Lowell Dickson bestowed a stainless steel compost can to Eric Johnson, and proclaimed it the Compost Award in recognition for Johnson’s creation of the Devil’s Backbone Run. Since then the steel can has become a perpetual trophy, held by each recipient for one year, and a source of pride for all those who have their name engraved on it.

The event was held in Santa Anita’s Club Court, an area reserved for private parties, located at track-level on the front straightaway. There, a buffet lunch was served, followed by a drawing for raffle prizes. Vendors that donated prizes included: Adam’s Polishes, MINI of Escondido, Valencia MINI, StuckOnMinis, Minicorsa, Import MotorWorx, and Motoring Magic. In addition, SCMM donated an Escort radar detector, a GoPro-style camera, a dash cam, and Starbucks cards. Jim Wellington won the Grand Prize, the Escort radar detector.

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